The continuous design, and creation of space equipment, that studies our solar system, and the universe at large has led to the better exploration of space by scientists in the last several years. There is a general belief that space has been better explored, and mapped out by scientists than our oceans on the earth’s surface. This shows than mankind is progressing in its efforts to get as much information as possible about space, which has so far led to the discovery of several space, and planetary objects and bodies. A recent milestone reached by scientists was that they spotted a distant Galaxy that surprising looked familiar by using the Fermi space telescope, which was developed by NASA.

This Galaxy is said to looks

This Galaxy is said to looks familiar because they way it looked was similar to a popular, and fictional ship known as TIE Fighter, in the Star Wars series. The scientists earlier named this Galaxy TXS 0128+554 when it was first discovered to be in existence. And its image was published by NASA when they could figure out its shape using the Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope. This Galaxy is stated to be located pretty far from out location as it’s estimated to be five hundred million light years away from the Cassiopeia constellation.

The full shape of the TXS 0128+554 Galaxy mapped out

Scientists have classified this Galaxy as an active one, and added that it appears to emit so much life, more than the total number of stars it contain put together. This Galaxy is said to first be discovered a few years ago in 2015, and was only possible with the use of gamma rays. Ever since when it was discovered, researchers have not been able to give a full image of how it looked like or its appearance unti now. A lead author of the research, who is also a professor at the Purdue University, known as Matthew Lister, said that the image of the Galaxy makes him to remember the Star Wars series.

Mathew, stated that in the last few years, they had used the Long Baseline Array radio antennas, to zoom in a million times closer to the Galaxy. And added that this helped them to map out its shape. He went on to say that when he saw the full shape of the Galaxy, he instantly saw its similarity with the TIE Fighter ship, that is used by the character called Darth Vader in the Star Wars series. And was shown in the series’ fourth episode which was titled A New Hope.

He continued by saying that this was exciting as well as surprising, and added that the way the Galaxy appeared when they used different radio frequenciea had assisted them in get more details on how much change that galaxies that they classify as active, can go through in a decade. According to NASA, the Galaxy was stated to appear to have two wings, with one bigger than the other. And these apparent wings are believed to be caused by electricity that is produced the Galaxy’s core, and is emitted out.