Immortality is carrying-on with life after death, a never dying state, or an exception from lifelessness. A human being is triune, that is, a human being has a body, a soul, and a spirit. Our existence is not limited to the body and soul, there is a third part that is called spirit. According to the Bible, humans are made like God, and God is a spirit being. It implies that, we are basically spiritual beings made like God.

The immortality of humans comes to play, when we understand the human true nature. Human beinghood is beyond the five sense organs. The real identity of a person is not the face that is worn, but the inner man, that is not physically seen. Christian faith teaches about immortality of humans, it describes life after death to mean that, it is the body of a person that die, the inner being lives for life. But the undying spirit will either go to Paradise to reign with God, or go to Hell, a place meant for Satan and his angels.

Justification to life, or condemnation to

According to the Bible, immortality is not far from us, in fact, it’s closer than ever. A scripture speaks about this, that the second coming of Jesus Christ is close, and that men should turn from ungodly way of living. But, Hebrews 9:27 described the lifelessness of humans to be once, after which judgment will follow. Judgment as described in this scriptural verse is a sentence that is passed after death. It follows that, sentence can be passed to life and death. If it is passed to life, it means that the soul of the dead is not ruined forever. But if it is passed to destruction, it implies that it is ruined forever.

Justification to life, or condemnation to death is a function of the beliefs and behavior of the dead when alive. Judgment is based on these two criteria, that is why, Christians are mandated by Jesus, to preach the gospel to all creatures, so that he can save some, and make them enjoy their immortal life.

The Closeness of Immortality

Many have been told about this mandate, some have adhered, while some are still living in sin. If you are one of such that is yet to yield to the gospel of Christ, there can’t be a better time to decide that now. Sitting on the fence is ruining yourself, you can’t be neutral, you must take a stand for something to reign with Christ in Paradise.

All told, immortality, would be an interesting thing after the human spirit pass beyond this earth, provided the soul of the dead is saved. Anything contrary to this, would mean eternal damnation! That is why you must give your life to Christ, you must be saved. Without this, there is no route of escape. Immortality is true, and all the souls of men are to live without dying, whether we believe it or not. It’s in line to state that immortality is not far! In fact, the day someone dies, the immortal journey of that individual starts.