Nurses do their work to serve patients by working together with the doctors. As a career, nurses start working in hospitals after graduating from medical schools. Some physicians can be intimidating at times when carrying out their work where nurses are required to deal with them. Nurses can refuse orders from doctors since nurses use their knowledge that is gained from schools graduated from. Refusing these orders by nurses is done in a gentle manner to avoid any conflicts with trained workers.

Some physicians can be harsh to nurses who are correct in arguments that they are having. Customers are protected by nurses due to noticing of managers wrong prescriptions for them. Refusing treatments that are incorrect from physicians, nurses are required to follow a process that is used in the medical system. This is done to stop delaying patients health care in hospitals. Identifying mistakes by nurses makes them refuse physicians order. Correct care that is provided to customers requires caring nurses that do not follow wrong procedures from managers that have errors.

These nurses are required to address

To refuse operators order nurses are require to approach doctors who had given a particular order that has mistakes with a request for confirmation. Relationship between health operators and, nurses determines how problems are going to be solved. This is because some physicians are harsh where some nurses are also rude when addressing their issues to the managers. Orders that have errors are corrected where managers explain it to nurses with confirmation for them to have a good agreement.

These nurses are required to address matters that occur in hospitals in a polite way. Errors that occur in provided procedures by health managers can be reviewed again for corrections to be made. Conflicts that appear between nurses and, operators that are caused by disagreements of an order are taken to higher authority to be solved fast. This process is good for nurses to follow since nurses can report their matters to the operators due to commands that are followed in hospitals. Nurses defer to doctors since they are highly trained to avoid delay in delivering care to clients.

Nurses can refuse doctors orders

Processes should be followed to ensure that customers are offered with the best services. Operators that provide incorrect treatments gives nurses ways to refuse them since nurses have medical laws to guide them in their work. Opinions of nurses allows them to refuse doctors orders that can be harmful to patients. Nurses can review medication provided to customers to ensure that they are good for their health. Ethics that are followed by nurses allows them to offer dosage to clients in bases of their health conditions.

The nurses have an obligation of ensuring that patients are provided with appropriate medication. They can identify when correct medication is offered to clients. Nurses ensure that patients are provided with medicines at the correct time with appropriate routine. They can refuse order from workers to ensure that clients care is well delivered to them. Nurses are held accountable for clients medications because they have a responsibility of checking their prescribed medicines.