This planet is indeed a unique one, several factors exist that when considered will clearly show how beautiful earth is. Besides its unique structure and composition, it has a wonderful in-built design that assists for maintenance of life forms. Water bodies are properly stacked in areas where they mostly are not allowed to move into lands. The land itself contains necessary life forms to support itself, with every organism depending on another for survival. Out of this list of amazement, one important factor is the atmosphere; the layers of air surrounding the earth. They’re one of the few factors that separate life on earth to those outside space. Several studies were done to analyze its composition; researches were carried out to break down its components into understandable forms.

Fact still remains that the atmosphere

Fact still remains that the atmosphere present in this planet is the only one that is capable of sustaining living things. You will be kidding if you consider the only function of earth’s atmosphere is to provide air for breathing. It does more, harmful radiations from the sun are easily blocked by a chain of gases, in addition to regulating the earth’s temperature conditions. There is no distance between earth and the atmosphere, air that is breath comes from it, although, it’s divided into other components. Its components stretch from the surface to a point or imaginary boundary which separates it from space.

A measure from earth to atmosphere

The first layer is called ‘troposphere, which is the largest layer, and it’s closest to earth. Its structure is thick containing large amounts of air, dust and other particles. Kindly note that heavenly bodies like the clouds is found here. As you move up from down to up, you’ll find out that the temperature reduces, making its upper region much colder. Estimated measurement for troposphere is about 10 miles thick from the earth’s surface. Above this layer of the atmosphere is another called ‘stratosphere’, it’s found about 25 miles above earth’s surface.

Importance here is increased because of the presence of thin air layers which makes floating easier. Mankind has maximized it to fly jets and other types of inventions that allow objects to convey people on the skies. About 53 miles above is the mesosphere, and over 90 Kilometers more will yield thermosphere. A final layer, the exosphere is the highest of them, it extends even till outer space, where man cannot live or survive. There’s no specific boundary as to where earth’s atmosphere ends, rather an imaginary line is considered the last point. This line is measured to be about 62 miles from the earth.

Atmosphere is a special part of earth, it’s a primary reason for existence of life. In addition to supplying the right elements to promote breathing and living, it serves as a defensive mechanism. There are shielding properties that will prevent harmful chemical reactions happening outside the planet to come inside. No distance separates the earth from its atmosphere, it’s just around it, starting from earth’s surface till outer space. Its components have varying functions which are beneficial to man too.